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Voluntary GST/HST Registration

A Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) account only needs to be registered when a business reaches $30,000 in sales either in one quarter or over four consecutive quarters. If you are below this threshold, you do not need to register, but if you have voluntarily registered for GST/HST and your sales are below $30,000 you still […]


After appearing in the Ontario Court of Justice in Barrie on July 16, 2010 and as a result of pleading guilty to seven counts of failing to file annual corporate GST/HST returns, Christopher Hewgill of Barrie, Ontario received a fine of $1,000 for each of the seven counts.  His total fine was $7,000.  Mr. Hewgill […]

Revenue Canada fined Hamilton Mason $38,152 for Tax Evasion

Amaral of Hamilton, Ontario pleaded guilty on April 8, 2010, on two counts each of Income Tax and GST evasion. He evaded paying personal income tax in the amount of $23,709. He also evaded paying GST in the amount of $27,158. Mr Amaral was given two years to pay a fine in the amount of […]

Real Estate Agent in Kingston fined $7,000

Gayle Caldwell of Kingston Ontario pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice on April 9, 2010 on one count of tax evasion and on another count of GST evasion. Gayle Caldwell did not report all of her income for 2001 through 2005. She also did not report the GST collectable on her GST returns […]

Thanks to the H.S.T. the CRA Now Has More Auditors Than Ever!

The McGuinty government used many sell points when promoting the H.S.T. Some examples include; making some industries more competitive and reducing accounting expenses for business across the board. Prior to the new H.S.T., you would be required to collect and remit G.S.T. and in some cases also P.S.T.. If you fell behind remitting your taxes, […]

The Importance of a Paper Trail

Cash is ubiquitous. We use it everyday, everywhere. Despite what some people may think, the government does not care if you pay for your purchase or receive payment with cash or credit as long as you have evidence to record the transaction. Missing documentation for cash transactions may cause some of your expenses to be […]